Super Boat's National Championship Moves to Key West

The 11th Annual Clearwater Super Boat National Championship™ is moving to Key West in November. Super Boat International will host their National Championship in Key West this year with national championship-determining races taking place November 6th and 8th. The event will run concurrently with the Key West World Championship™ taking place November 6th, 8th &10th.

Super Boat International (SBI) is pleased to announce that the Super Boat National Championship will take place in Key West during the 39th Annual Key West World Champion Race. The move from Clearwater to Key West comes after Super Boat International recently canceled their agreement with the city of Clearwater after a ten-year run.

 “Our decade of hosting our national championship race in the city of Clearwater has now come to an end, but we are thrilled to be bringing the magic and excitement of this race to our home shores of Key West and starting a new chapter,” says John Carbonell, president and founder of Super Boat International. “With two great races taking place simultaneously in our beautiful city, we are giving our fans the opportunity of a lifetime to take part in a grand powerboat racing event like no other. We look forward to seeing them and all the teams once again.” 

Races on Wednesday, November 6th and Friday, November 8th, will determine the 2019 National Championships for SBI. The Key West World Championship race dates are Wednesday, November 6th, Friday, November 8th, and Sunday, November 10th. Champions will be chosen by SBI’s point system.


Super Boat International welcomes all racers to attend their National Championship as well as their Key West World Championship race—the crown jewel of races—produced and sanctioned by Super Boat International Productions, Inc.®


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About Super Boat International

Super Boat International (SBI) is the leading North American professional powerboat organization founded by John Carbonell. Teams from all around the world compete May through October in the National Series Points races and conclude in November for the famous Key West World Championships. SBI produces weeklong race events including entertainment, kilo races and distance records throughout the United States, South America and the Bahamas. Races include the World’s fastest Vee-bottom and Catamaran style powerboats, reaching speeds in excess of 180 mph. Super Boat International has seen increased viewership by fans, families and other racers tuning in and watching the events live on Since the previous years of the Key West World Championship, the online coverage has continually increased. With well over a million page views on, streaming coverage has been seen in 187 countries around the globe.