SBIP Names Rescue Team For Cocoa Beach Race

Key West, Fla (March 30, 2018) — Super Boat International (SBI) names medical staff for upcoming season. As they continue to prepare for upcoming event, SBI presents the list of rescue personnel for the Cocoa Beach race. Super Boat International has always had a very experienced rescue team and this team carries on that tradition. Every member of the team is either an EMT or paramedic and has vast rescue experience. Seven of the team members have prior experience working together for SBI and all have offshore rescue experience. This team has as much experience as a group working together as any previous SBI rescue team. The names of all members of the rescue team, along with their qualifications. have been submitted to the SBI's race site insurance company, K&K Insurance and it has been fully approved. While the former SBI Rescue Coordinator is no longer working for SBI, the same policies and procedures have been in place and will continue to be there. Over the years, SBI has had several rescue coordinators and have always had the most experienced rescue team in the history of the sport, as shown on the upcoming NBC Sports segment on the rescue. President and founder of SBI, John Carbonell, comments, “I have always considered safety first, along with all aspects of the race event. I designed and built the SBI dunker, which has saved many racers lives. SBI has put together a first class group of personnel to welcome the racers to the sites and SBI welcomes all classes to participate at not only Cocoa Beach, but all the races on the schedule".

  • Dr. Bill Blass
  • Shawn Steinert
  • Artie Gatlin
  • Dave Stocks
  • Mike Osborne
  • Korey Steinert
  • Ken Rinaldi
  • Mike Ross
  • Daniel Epperson
  • Vidal Lazo
  • Jake Fuller
  • Phil Cada
  • Basil Ibrahim
  • Mitch Sanders

More About Super Boat International Super Boat International (SBI) is the leading North American professional powerboat organization founded by John Carbonell. Teams from all around the world compete May through October in the National Series Points races and conclude in November for the famous Key West World Championships. SBI produces weeklong race events including entertainment, kilo races and distance records throughout the United States, South America and the Bahamas. Races include the World’s fastest Vee-bottom and Catamaran style powerboats, reaching speeds in excess of 180 mph. In the first quarter of both 2018, Super Boat International Offshore Racing television coverage will be nationally broadcasted on NBC Sports showcasing the previous year’s World Championship Event.

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