Tor Staubo & Johnny Tomlinson

The Gasse Race team has come into forefront of boat racing in a big way. Tor Staubo from Oslo, Norway has hired the best throttleman in the industry, Johnny Tomlinson, to “Goose It” to victory. Gasse in Norweign means goose, but in English, it is translated to goose it or full throttle. So, who better […]

The Instigator – Peter Meyer

This 32nd annual Key West World Championships will mark 30 years of racing for Peter Meyer and he can remember it like it was yesterday. Not only was it his first race back in 1982, but also it was Jesse James’ first race, a race Peter remembers with a vision he has never forgotten. “When […]

Team Kilt Racing

Tony Canale and Rich Davis seem to be working well together and, after two years of dialing the boat in, they are ready. They want a National and World Title together and with the success this year, they are certainly on track. Rich didn’t know just getting onto the racecourse was going to be so […]

Spirit of Qatar #96

Sheik Hassan Al-Thani made quite an impression when his two-boat team traveled to the United States and ran in the 29th Annual Key West World Championships. It was quite a site to see the unique paint schemes on the boats, the foreign vehicles and the whole crew that came with it. He enjoyed his experience […]

Sheds Plus

Joe Ferrer and Jackie Piper who race the 42’ Fountain P1 race boat have a direct focus on The World Championships in Key West, Florida. Jackie, the only female driver in the sport of offshore powerboat racing is ready. The two also share another goal… to beat Team Instigator. They want to beat the man […]