2018 Super Boat International NBC Sports Teaser 1

From the Southern Most Point of the United States, the world’s Biggest & Fastest race boats compete in the premier event of offshore powerboat racing… the Super Boat International Key West World Championships. Check out all the action from Key West 2017 and get ready for the 2018 3 hour show on NBC Sports coming […]

SBI Medical Director Named – Lawrence (Bill) Blass, MD

Key West, Fla (March 23, 2018) — Super Boat International names new Medical Director for coming season. Dr. Bill Blass is a General Surgeon in Key West, Florida. He graduated with honors from University of Miami School of Medicine and was trained at University of Miami/Jackson Memorial. He is currently on staff at Lower Keys […]

Linda O’Brien Continues The Tradition With Super Boat and Key West

Key West, Fla (March 20, 2018) — Linda O’Brien, former Fantasy Fest director and longtime credential and parking operations for Super Boat International (SBI), will return with Super Boat International to Key West for the 38th Annual Super Boat Key West World Championship November 4 – 11, 2018. “We are pleased to have Linda continue […]

Chief Referee and Chief Technical Inspector Named For Coming Season

Key West, Fla (March 16, 2018) — Recent changes and a reorganization with Super Boat International (SBI) personnel has led to the appointment of Tom Richard as Chief Referee and Dewayne Hutchinson as Chief Technical Inspector for SBI. Richard, previously on the SBI technical inspection team is a New Orleans native and grew up with […]