Countdown to Marathon Super Boat Grand Prix!

With less than three weeks left until the Marathon Super Boat Grand Prix, everyone in the Offshore Racing community is counting down the days until the boats hit the water once again. For those who just can’t wait until the races begin, check out the awesome video below, reviewing the 2014 Super Boat International Key […]

Cocoa Beach 2015 Gallery 2

Miss out on the action? Just want to reminisce? Catch the excitement of the race by taking a look at these gorgeous pics of the 6th Annual Thunder on Cocoa Beach Super Boat Grand Prix!

Cocoa Beach 2015 Gallery 1

The rough waters of Cocoa Beach created exciting action and intense racing! Boats were flying high after catching the big waves… Check out gallery one of the 6th Annual Thunder on Cocoa Beach Super Boat Grand Prix!

CMS Orange Brings Home the Gold

Team 03 CMS Snags First Place in Big Atlantic Seas Cocoa Beach, Fla. (May 21, 2015) – This year’s 6th annual Thunder on Cocoa Beach Super Boat Grand Prix gave spectators a front row seat to fierce competition accompanied by heart-dropping roll overs and brutal waters. As a result of talent and exceptional hard work, […]

Live Broadcast Commentary Clarification

On behalf of Super Boat International, we take this moment to clarify any statements made during the final race of the Space Coast Grand Prix that implied Team STIHL or any other following boats should have stopped at the site of the accident and assisted with the crash. Teams are instructed in the pre-race drivers […]