Chief Referee and Chief Technical Inspector Named For Coming Season

Key West, Fla (March 16, 2018) — Recent changes and a reorganization with Super Boat International (SBI) personnel has led to the appointment of Tom Richard as Chief Referee and Dewayne Hutchinson as Chief Technical Inspector for SBI.

Richard, previously on the SBI technical inspection team is a New Orleans native and grew up with a passion for boating & boat racing while following the Powerboat Circuits on Lake Pontchartrain & across the nation. He started in 2008 as a pace boat driver, with SBI, following the racing circuit and is an owner of a successful computer business designing educational software & hardware.

Over the next couple years, Richard had gained the respect of the organization & the race teams, and was asked to become the Chief Technical Inspector, performing inspections & overseeing the technical team.

Owner, John Carbonell, is happy with the change and commented, “With the knowledge & experience that Tom has gained over the years as an enthusiast, a pace boat driver and then Chief Technical Inspector,  he will be representing SBI as the Chief Referee. Also, with Dewayne taking on the role as Chief Inspector we look forward to a successful season.”

Hutchinson has served in multiple key rolls over his 19 years with SBI, including, transportation driver, crane supervisor, site supervisor, and has been on the Board of Governor of SBI for several years.  This year Hutchinson will serve as Chief Inspector as well as site supervisor for SBI.

Running the race site and making sure all raceboats and support equipment is in their designated areas, as well as ensuring the efficiency of movement of equipment during race weekends is crucial. Hutchinson has had many years of experience with Super Boat race teams and various race sites.

Hutchinson retired from the military as SSG(E6) motor Sergeant and was in charge of the Motor Pool which included over 265 pieces of equipment, and over 20 personal. He proudly severed and held the rank of WG5 STP 9 with the National Guard / Reserve.

Super Boat International continues to run the premier offshore racing series and attracts the world’s best raceboats and fanbase.

More About Super Boat International
Super Boat International (SBI) is the leading North American professional powerboat organization founded by John Carbonell. Teams from all around the world compete May through October in the National Series Points races and conclude in November for the famous Key West World Championships. SBI produces weeklong race events including entertainment, kilo races and distance records throughout the United States, South America and the Bahamas. Races include the World’s fastest Vee-bottom and Catamaran style powerboats, reaching speeds in excess of 180 mph. In the first quarter of both 2018, Super Boat International Offshore Racing television coverage will be nationally broadcasted on NBC Sports showcasing the previous year’s World Championship Event.

More About Southern Racing Fuels
Southern Racing Fuels is a division of Port Consolidated Incorporated and is the largest race fuel distributor based in the state of Florida. Southern Racing Fuels supplies racetracks, dealers, speed shops, c-stores, race teams and motorcycle shops throughout Florida. Products include the complete  line of quality Sunoco Race Fuels in addition to quality performance oils and lubricants, featuring the Valvoline brand.


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