The Race Is On — Clearwater Super Boat National Championships

The Race is On. The Clearwater Super Boat National Championships are ON in Clearwater, Florida, Sept 29th – Oct 1st.

The Race Is On — Clearwater Super Boat National Championships

There has been overwhelming demand and support from Clearwater and the local community to help get things back to normal and make sure the race still happens. The situation is so fluid every hour of every day, this decision is not made lightly.

Super Boat will work with their staff and teams to bring the best Championship event to Clearwater. Our hearts go out to everyone affected and whose homes are destroyed or damaged, as well as the millions of people displaced and those still without power. The decision and situation are very difficult. Our teams want to help and show a unified force. And if the community wants our help by racing and giving a level of inspiration… then we are in.

We have no idea if everyone will have power and we truly understand many things will not be normal, but our teams, families, and fans are ready to support Clearwater and the beach communities. Thank you for wanting us to be a part of your recovery efforts.

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