Team American Ethanol & US-1 Performance Boat Center Win in Mentor


Great crowd turn out for 2nd Annual Cleveland Construction Super Boat Grand Prix

Mentor, OHIO (July 28, 2017) — The world’s fastest boats converged in Mentor, Ohio and put on a spectacular show with Team American Ethanol (Superboat Unlimited) and Performance Boat Center (Superboat) taking a win in their respective classes.

Team Wake Effects battled American Ethanol until attrition took hold and Wake Effects gave way to the Ethanol–powered Superboat Unlimited midway through. It was very exciting racing with the world’s fastest boats making quick round trips on the 4-mile oval course off Headlands State Park Beaches. With a great racing and what appeared to be larger crowds than last year, fans got to witness great offshore racing.

Performance Boat Center, current reigning World and National Champion, led green to checkered and without a doubt set their boat upright and held on to a commanding lead for 19 laps. What really got the crowd on their feet, was the battle between WHM and STIHL, also in the Superboat class with WHM taking 2nd with a photo finish. It was a battle all day amongst the two boats, with WHM usually 5 boat lengths behind. But, as the race wore on… WHM’s boat came to them and in the final 500 yards before the checkered flag, they were able to pull ahead at the finish line. It was an incredible race.

Local race promoter, and Superboat owner, Mark Small went on to compliment the efforts of his team. “I am always proud of my race team and the effort they put forth and especially thankful for my team here (Mentor) that help put all this together. If it was not for them, the sponsors, local city and county members and the help of all land, water, and medical services, it would not have been the successful event that it was. I thank all of them for their efforts.”

Both the 12:00 race and 2:00 race excited the fans who watched the competition getting stiffer as the water conditions got rougher throughout the day. Rolling two foot plus conditions got the boats out of the water and wowed the crowd.

President and Owner of Super Boat International, John Carbonell, commented on the day’s events. “We are pleased to have brought Super Boat to a great community and put on another successful event with the best teams in offshore racing. We appreciate Mr. Small and the team he assembled to make this a successful event for fans, teams, and Ohio.” The weather and water conditions were perfect to showcase the best boats in offshore racing.

Of the seven classes of racing other first–place finishers included: Team Allen Lawn Care (P4-17), (P3-04), LSB Hurricane of Awesomeness (Superboat Vee), CR Racing (Superboat Stock) and AMH Construction Instigator (Superboat Extreme).

See below for a complete list of top three finishers.


2017 2nd Annual Cleveland Construction Super Boat Grand Prix Podium

Superboat Unlimited
1st American Ethanol Cat Can Do 19. 2nd Wake Effects 03.
1st Performance Boat Center US-1. 2nd WHM Motorsports 5. 3rd STIHL 13
Superboat Extreme
1st AMH Construction Instigator 1. 2nd Outerlimits 43. 3rd The Developer 8.
Superboat Vee
1st LSB Hurricane of Awesomeness V-1. 2nd Mr. Technology 17. 3rd 2.
Superboat Stock
1st CR Racing S-8. 2nd FJ Propeller S-1. 3rd S-111
Manufacturer Production 3
1st P3-04
Manufacturer Production 4
1st Team Allen Lawn Care P4-17. 2nd Yabba Dabba Doo P4-77. 3rd Reinforcer P4-46.

Click here for a complete listing of the finishing order and results from the 2nd Annual Cleveland Construction Super Boat Grand Prix.

The next race on the Super Boat circuit is the 9th Annual Super Boat Great Lakes Grand Prix, coming August 3rd – 6th in Michigan City, Indiana. If you can’t make it, catch it live on Fans can go to register and watch all the exciting action. This year, streaming is on pay per view to support the efforts to bring you the best coverage possible. If you missed the live coverage you can always go back watch the races on Video on Demand.

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  1. Jill Sechrist August 6, 2017 at 7:36 pm #

    Loved the race. Please broadcast via radio for us boat watchers!