Wake Effects: The New Kid In Town NBC Sports 2017 SBI Teaser

Super Boat International is excited to promote the upcoming NBC Sports Special, featuring the 2016 SBI Key West World Championship, presented by STIHL!

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday over the coming weeks, SBI will share a series of heart stopping, action packed vignettes, showcasing teasers for the upcoming TV special. We are very excited to share the promos provided by JM Associates, in anticipation of the 2017 Super Boat International Offshore Racing season opener in Cocoa Beach.

Above, you will find an intense clip, Wake Effects — The New Kid In Town, featuring a few behind–the–scenes interviews with the team that took the Superboat Unlimited class by storm during the 2016 SBI Offshore Racing Season.

Check back on Wednesday for the next promo… featuring STIHL!


  • Episode 1: 3/19/17 @ 6 PM ET
  • Episode 2: 3/25/17 @ 5 PM ET
  • Episode 3: 4/2/17 @ 5:30 PM ET

One Response to Wake Effects: The New Kid In Town NBC Sports 2017 SBI Teaser

  1. ken tree March 8, 2017 at 7:42 pm #

    well i travelled with the maritimo team to key west and what a great event ,but i would like to see more of the overseas teams like maritimo that take the time effort and the money to travel such large distances to race against the the Americans at key west ,i have searched the site for interviews and details of the boats and crews and you have nothing ,please give us guys a go as well .