STIHL JR Noble Tribute — NBC Sports 2017 SBI Teaser

Super Boat International is excited to promote the upcoming NBC Sports Special, featuring the 2016 SBI Key West World Championship, presented by STIHL!

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday over the coming weeks, SBI will share a series of heart stopping, action packed vignettes, showcasing teasers for the upcoming TV special. We are very excited to share the promos provided by JM Associates, in anticipation of the 2017 Super Boat International Offshore Racing season opener in Cocoa Beach.

Above, you will find a clip featuring the STIHL JR Noble Tribute, including some heartwarming stories from the SBI Offshore Racing Family and STIHL Offshore Race Team.

The STIHL Offshore Racing Team—which competes in Super Boat International’s Superboat class—was manifested after JR Noble took a trip to Key West. Noble flew to Key West for the 2006 World Championship races, and began his racing career immediately following in 2007. He began in the Superstock class, and finished in the Superboat ranks. STIHL lives on in honor of JR, as Jake Noble has stepped forward as the driver of the new STIHL offshore race boat, alongside throttleman Grant Bruggemann.

Check back on Friday for the next promo… featuring Performance Boat Center & WHM Motorsports!


  • Episode 1: 3/19/17 @ 6 PM ET
  • Episode 2: 3/25/17 @ 5 PM ET
  • Episode 3: 4/2/17 @ 5:30 PM ET
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