World Champion Team Wake Effects Takes First Overall Superboat Unlimited

dsc_9883Performance Boat Center Crowned World Champion Superboat Class

Key West, Fla (November 17, 2016) — In a field of 43 boats and 3 days of racing, world champions were crowned and first time winners Team Wake Effects (Superboat Unlimited) and Performance Boat Center (Superboat) took top honors in their respective classes.

Rusty Rahm (driver) and Jeff Harris (throttleman) patiently worked themselves into top honors after sitting 6th after day one. Always important in the Key West World championships is to make sure you are there at the end of day three. Not only was Team Wake Effects 03 there, but they took home first place and double points to earn a World Title.

In the third race of the day, fans of the Superboat Class were witness to an exciting turn one as team ProFloors ended upside down and WHM Motorsports catching significant air maneuvering around the accident. Both driver and throttleman were unharmed as they exited their catamaran under their own power. Team Performance Boat Center stayed in front and took first place and the title of Superboat World Champion.

World Champion Team Wake Effects Takes First Overall Superboat UnlimitedFrom the vantage point of the Super Boat Race Control trailer, founder John Carbonell, commented each year of racing seems to get better and better. “Our classes that run at the end of the day continue to get bigger each year and put on a great show. There was some very exciting racing with many lead and position changes over the three days. More than just our tagline, ‘To be the best – you have to win Key West,’ it is apparent so many things can and do change after three days of racing.” Carbonell, went on to say, “We are very happy everyone was safe after the weekend and truly appreciated the support of all 43 teams.”

Other newly crowned World Champions in various classes included, P4 (Crazy Chicken), P3 (2nd Amendment), Superboat Vee (LSB Hurricane of Awesomeness), Superboat Stock (FJ Propeller) and Superboat Extreme (AMH Construction Instigator). All of the race teams in this year’s event contributed to three days of great racing excitement for fans to witness.

At the conclusion of the weekend’s activities, Super Boat International was proud to announce the 2017 race schedule will be coming in the ensuing weeks and also proud to share that Team STIHL is returning next year after the unexpected passing of JR Noble.

If you missed the 2016 Key West World Championship, you can go to and the Livestream page, register and replay all the exciting action.

36th Annual Key West World Championship Results

Superboat Unlimited
1st Wake Effects 03. 2nd CRC Sunlight Supply 7. 3rd CMS 3.

1st Performance Boat Center US-1. 2nd WHM 5. 3rd STIHL 13.

Superboat Extreme
1st AMH Construction/Instigator 1. 2nd Cooper Standard 30. 3rd Freedom 12

Superboat Vee
1st LSB Hurricane of Awesomeness 67. 2nd 2. 3rd Sunprint 51.

Superboat Stock
1st FJ Propeller S-19. 2nd Specialty Marine Center S-12. 3rd 5 Brothers Grocery S-111.

Manufacturer Production 3
1st 2nd Amendment P3-2. 2nd The Developer P3-3. 3rd P3-04.

Manufacturer Production 4
1st Crazy Chicken P4-33. 2nd Team Allen Lawn Care P4-61.

Click here for a complete listing of the finishing order and results from the Key West World Championships.


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