Cat Can Do and Team WHM Take Top Spots in Mentor, Ohio

Cat Can Do and Team WHM Take Top Spots in Mentor, OhioAMH Construction, FJ Propeller, LSB Hurricane of Awesomeness, Simmons Marine & Team Raven

Mentor, OH (September 2, 2016) — In Mentor, Cat Can Do and Team WHM Motorsports took first place in Superboat Unlimited and Superboat respectively. The inaugural event was a hit with race teams and fans as the beaches and boat spectator fleet were packed for nearly two miles!

The Unlimited race between Cat Can Do and Wake Effects was quite a display of power as the ‘two cats′ fought it out lap after lap. It wasn’t until midway through the race that Lucas Oil moved into second and Cat Can Do took over the 1st position for the day.

WHM Motorsports ran a great race and kept the sponsors pointed forward as they took the lead after lap 4, as Team Performance Boat Center broke a blade that ended their day. Appearing to be a crowd favorite, the WHM Team raced down the back stretch filled with established boat spectators of nearly 3500 boats. When one estimates how many spectators are on those boats, it makes for a great inaugural event for Super Boat International (SBI) and the city of Mentor.

Cat Can Do and Team WHM Take Top Spots in Mentor, OhioPresident of Super Boat International, John Carbonell commented, “the Team of Cleveland Construction, Mark Small,  police, fire, medical, and the entire volunteer network assembled by the city, put on a spectacular race weekend.  We are very pleased with the way the first-time event was organized and promoted. The City of Mentor and everyone involved rolled out the red carpet for us and the SBI race teams.”

There was mutual appreciation by race teams enjoying their first experience in the City of Mentor, as well as locals and business owners who were pleased Super Boat teams were racing again on Lake Erie. The event, projected to bring tens of thousands of spectators, didn’t disappoint as great water and weather conditions filled the race course and event space.

The next race on the Super Boat circuit is the 8th Annual Bright House Clearwater Super Boat Grand Prix, coming September 30 – October 2nd. If you can’t make it, catch it live on

2016 Park Ohio Super Boat Grand Prix

Superboat Unlimited
1st Cat Can Do 19. 2nd Lucas Oil Silverhook 77. 3rd Wake Effects 03.

1st WHM Motorsports 3. 2nd STIHL 13. 3rd Cleveland Construction 4.

Superboat Extreme
1st AMH Construction/Instigator 1.

Superboat Vee
1st LSB Hurricane of Awesomeness 67. 2nd Team Octane 04.

Superboat Stock
1st FJ Propeller S-19. 2nd Juice N Java S-111

Manufacturer Production 3
1st P3-04. 2nd Nick’s Creative Marine P3-55. 3rd P3-7.

Manufacturer Production 4
1st Team Raven P4-9

Cat Can Do and Team WHM Take Top Spots in Mentor, OhioClick here for a complete listing of the finishing order and results from the Inaugural Park Ohio Grand Prix.

The 2016 National Series races and Key West World Championship will be streamed live for the 4th consecutive year on Fans from over 108 countries have watched and enjoyed Super Boat Racing live on race day. Fans can go to and the Livestream page, register and watch all the exciting action. This year, streaming is on pay per view to support the effort to bring you the best coverage possible. If you missed the live coverage you can always go back watch the races on Video on Demand.


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