Spirit of Qatar Wins Powerboat Title at Key West World Championship

Boats battled it out in Key West to earn the title of 2012 World Champion. Some teams saw the results they were hoping for after tough competition over 3 days of racing. Sunday was the final day of racing and the 2012 Super Boat World Champions were determined. Many teams will go back to their home town to make their boat “bigger and better” for next year’s competitions.

KEY WEST, Fla. — Sheikh Hassan bin Jabor Al-Thani and Steve Curtis piloted Spirit of Qatar to the Superboat Unlimited class title on Sunday at the Key West World Championship offshore powerboat races.

Al-Thani, of Doha, Qatar, and England’s Curtis took first in the final race after posting second-place finishes during preliminary races on Wednesday and Friday.

“The waves at turns 1 and 2 were just nightmares,” Al-Thani said of the rough, windswept 6.2-mile course. “Steve knew exactly how to balance the boat to get it on top of the waves and just keep it running instead of losing speed going airborne.”

Favorite Gasse, driven by Norwegian Tor Staubo and throttled by North Miami’s Johnny Tomlinson, lost steering after a hydraulic line came loose. They went back to the wet pits and tried to fix the problem, but were unable to resolve it.

“It never fails,” said Tomlinson, of North Miami. “A $10 part always takes you out of a million-dollar program.”

Instigator, with Peter Meyer of Port Washington, N.Y., and John Stanch of Westmore, N.J., at the controls, won a Superboat Extreme class championship.

“The odds of us winning today were slim to none,” Meyer said. “We were in third place overall and it was almost impossible for us to win today, but we continued battling.”

Maritimo, with Australian racers Ross Willaton and Peter McGrath, won a championship in the Superboat class while Aqua-Mania, piloted by Rick Merola of Brewerton, N.Y., and Gregg Rosen of Wellesley Island, N.Y. captured the title in the Turbine Class.

There were no fatalities or serious injuries at this year’s competition after three people died at the 2011 championship.

Source: www.washingtonpost.com; November 11, 2012;

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  1. Carolyn Tait November 29, 2012 at 3:44 am #

    You really need to post the results (ALL the results) on your website after the races in a readable, user-friendly format for the general public. Many people can’t make any sense of the downloadable results in the format you present them in. Why don’t you just have a simple listing people can read and understand. There are so many of us who attended and watched the races and couldn’t figure out WHAT IN THE WORLD the standings were from your website, without talking amongst each other, because your downloadable from is so unreadable and confusing. Why you don’t clearly state the results is very strange.