4th Annual Bright House Clearwater Super Boat National Championship

Teams Bringing Big Power and Big Hopes to Championship Race

Key West, FL (Sept 19, 2012) – The Super Boat National Championship event is soon to arrive in Clearwater, Florida and bringing with it will be the world’s fastest and most famous powerboats in the United States. Super Boat drivers and throttlemen come from around the world to race the SBI circuit and this year will be no different. Many international drivers will be in attendance at the Bright House Clearwater National Championship. The September 28th – 30th event is the culmination of yearlong powerboat racing and will include the crowning of various National Champions.

The 4th Annual Championship event is a must race event for all offshore powerboat racers. The crowds and record setting spectator fleet has impressed not only the local community officials and fans, but also the race teams as well. If any team has to miss an event, they make sure it’s not the Clearwater race. With thousands of spectator boats lining the racecourse and fans all along the beach, Clearwater provides one of the most exciting stops on the Super Boat International (SBI) national series circuit.

Drivers (and throttlemen) from Norway, Sweden, Dubai, Germany and all across the U.S. are registered for this year’s National Championship weekend. During this season, teams have excited the fans with very close racing and exciting finishes. A few of the Super Boat teams have repowered their race boats, increasing their horsepower and will showcase their efforts in Clearwater. Race circuit regulars, Team STIHL & Team Warpaint have increased their power to meet the standards in the class typically dominated by WHM Motorsports. STIHL Offshore Racing has not competed in the past two events of the 2012 season. They have ordered their motors and they are currently rigging their boat to the new specifications in hopes of making it to the Championship event. No team wants to sit out races waiting for motors… the desire to race faster and win against faster boats is very powerful with the drivers. Another boat excited to return to racing after a brief layoff is Fastboats Marine Group in their 40’ MTI. The team, owned by Randy Sweers, won their single competition this year across the state in the 22nd annual Miami Grand Prix in front of their hometown.

Founder of Super Boat International, John Carbonell has been working in the offseason and all this year to combine classes and improve competition. “Our goal has always been to bring racing closer to the fans and to combine the various classes of race boats. We have been successful this year reducing another 3 classes and we hope, during this winter, we will have more success bringing classes together. It’s our responsibility to bring the most exciting style of powerboat racing to our fans along with our plan to make it easy for teams to enter into a specific class of racing without spending as much money as in the past.”

The tightest points battle coming into the National Championships is in the Super Stock class separating first and second by only 92 points with a spread of 687 points between 2nd and 3rd. This event is a double points race and a team in the bottom half of the points race could alter the outcome of the National Champion title race. Currently, Blacksand is leading the points race with Team Duce Rod’s.com trailing right behind. Other classes have very tough fought battles going on with many hoping for a win on September 30th.

Another very exciting class of racing is the Super Vee Limited (SVL) class where single engine vee bottoms, 30’ in length really put on a show as they fly through the air and drive through the corners like they’re on rails. Team Phantom, one to be reckoned with, can expect to compete against a new entry for Clearwater. Dr. Michael Janssen is debuting a new SVL, all painted in black and gold that was built by Outerlimits. Dr. Janssen has had much success with the “Watch Your Back” boat and is anticipating the same with this new SVL addition to his team.

The Bright House Clearwater National Championship races on Sunday afternoon (12:00pm & 2:00pm) will be streamed on http://www.new.livestream.com/sbi/clearwater12 so you won’t miss any of the action. On the Livestream page, watch and listen to interviews, make comments and watch all the action as it happens. Fans can stay connected with us at superboat.com and Like Us on Facebook for all this year’s news. The Super Boat schedule is posted through 2013 with races in Cocoa Beach, Sarasota and Miami, FL; Michigan City IN; New York, NY; Clearwater and Key West, FL.

Super Boat International has seen increased viewership by fans, families, and other racers tuning in and watching the events live… on livestream. The 2012 season starts with the previous year’s World Championship in November 2011. Since last year’s Key West World Championship to date, the online coverage has seen significant increases in online viewing. With well over a million pageviews on Superboat.com, coverage has been seen in 181 countries around the globe. SBI is 14 countries short of having every country and “independent” country in THE WORLD visit Superboat. com.

Clearwater Coachman Park (Baystar Race Village and Dry Pits)
Teams will start to arrive Thursday September 27th in Coachman Park on Drew Street and set up their displays, boats and equipment. Fans will have the opportunity to see their favorite teams up-close. There are no special credentials needed for admittance to Baystar Race Village. Fans have full access to the pit area and are encouraged to get autographs from their favorite drivers and throttlemen. Friday September 28th, race village opens at 10:00 am. Later in the afternoon, fans will be treated to the “Blast Friday” boat parade and block party on Cleveland Street from 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm. Saturday, teams will start testing at 12:00 and will have to be craned out of the water by 5:00 pm. Fans can enjoy food and drink all day … and from 7:30 pm until 10:30 pm, they can listen to live entertainment in Baystar Race Village. Sunday, September 30th races are scheduled for 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm with the awards ceremony scheduled for 5:00 pm in race village… everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

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  1. Keith September 29, 2012 at 11:23 am #

    I am a big super boat fan. But I’d like to offer some feedback. SBI and individual boat teams need to do a better job to announce participants at events. What this sport is lacking is enthusiasm for individual teams. Marketing or news only seems to send the message “come out and watch a boat race…” There happens to be Miss Geico fans, Cintron fans, Lucas Oil fans, Stihl fans etc… Talk about rivalries, top boats in classes etc. This should be one of the most popular racing formats in the world. Don’t just tell people about a cool party and a boat race. Sports fans want to cheer for someone. The Clearwater race is tomorrow and I have no clue what boats are competing…