2012 Race Team Advertising Package | Marketing Materials

Super Boat International is excited about the 2012 season and has been working hard to make it a great year for everyone. Knowing full well how difficult it is to secure sponsorship in this economy, we are providing an ADVERTISING TOOL to all race teams. The advertising tool is a uniquely crafted 33-page magazine style presentation that shows the history, the value and the excitement of the sport of offshore racing. It is our goal to encourage teams to take a look at the marketing material in hopes it will help them secure needed sponsorship.

What makes this tool even more unique… it can be customized for a sponsor you are sending it to or presenting to directly. This approach of having a customized presentation with a corporate brand logo on the magazine shows a high degree of detail and professionalism.

The document below is an example of the presentation tool that can be customized for your race team. With only a few changes to the inner pages your team will have a professional tool to mail within days.

The process is quite simple. Cox Group has designed SBI’s sponsorship magazine and all teams should deal directly with them for their advertising material needs. They have put together an online example of the sponsorship tool and how it looks for a particular team, including a corporate logo branded throughout the magazine.

To design and deliver magazines, each team will be required to provide information that will be transposed on pages 10 – 13 of the magazine. This is team specific information that can be shortened or expanded at each team’s request. In addition, the welcome letter on the inside cover can be crafted by the team or they can use the existing letter with appropriate edits to team name and comments. Finally, each team is required to provide a minimum of 5 high resolution photos to use on those specific pages and the cover. Cox Group currently uses this template style of marketing in other sports where athletes and teams have found it very successful.

Click here to view the interactive online example or use the example above to open magazine and click “fullscreen” view in the upper left hand corner. Use the navigation arrows on the sides of the magazine to proceed and then hit ESC to exit viewer.

The cost associated with the advertising magazine is $750 for 10 magazines. The number of corporate logos, copies, creative direction and payment should be discussed directly with the Cox Group.

Again, Super Boat is excited about 2012 and we look forward to sharing more exciting news this Spring.

Contact Rodrick Cox at Cox Group for details.

Rodrick@coxgp.com or 704-896-2323

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  1. Katie November 11, 2012 at 3:11 pm #

    Am trying to purchase 32nd World Key West 2012 program…can’t seem to find it on the website…just previous programs…
    Steer me in the proper direction? Thanks