New York and New Jersey Race Fans Treated to Great Superboat Race

Team Cintron Takes First Place Overall in 21st Annual New York Grand Prix

KEY WEST, Fla (September 13, 2011) On the weekend of the 10-year Anniversary of 9/11, Super Boat International (SBI) race teams took to the Hudson River and it was Team Cintron taking the overall win. To accommodate Liberty State Park representatives and government officials, SBI completed their day of racing by 10:00 a.m. on Saturday September 10th out of respect for the families attending the special event.

With perfect conditions, teams raced the 5-mile course in record setting time and excited fans on both the New Jersey and New York waterfronts. Team Cintron, throttled by Rich Wyatt and driven by Hugh Fuller, ran some incredible lap speeds and led all boats flag to flag. The silver 50’ Superboat screamed across the top of the water maneuvering around slower boats and debris in the water. The debris played havoc on many teams’ props and rudders, but fortunately didn’t cause much structural damage to boats.

Super Boat International has been racing here for over two decades and to be at the Statue of Liberty, racing with New York as the backdrop, is an awesome feeling. No one felt more humble and a part of history than Super Boat International founder, John Carbonell.  “Today was very interesting… with all the law enforcement present for today’s event, I felt safer here than anywhere else I’ve been. With the SWAT vehicles, all the special equipment and everything that has surrounded this 911 ceremony, it makes me feel very proud to put on a race and be a part of this. The local organizers called me a couple of months ago and asked if I would move up the event and, without hesitation, I said yes. I was sure by having produced events for so many years, it wouldn’t be a problem to get the race off and completed early. Our team did a great job, from the guys at the rig, to the team on the water and the race control staff… everyone worked together to make this a wonderful event,” comments Carbonell after Saturday’s race.

Some teams honored those affected by 911 with special decals on their race boats. In particular, one team had large decals adorning the engine hatches and the sides of their boat, Team STIHL Offshore Racing. Tough as steel, Team STIHL battled Loriblu all day and ultimately came away with a win, but it wasn’t without trailing behind the white MTI for most of the race. “We just hung in there.  As the morning went on and the water got rougher, our boat started coming to us little by little,” commented JR Noble owner/driver of Team STIHL.

Team Cintron’s driver Hugh Fuller comments, “It was a really great race for us out there.  The team did awesome; we had very fast motors and just worked our way around the track all day. We lapped some boats a couple times… we were just flat out hauling.  It was a good day for Team Cintron.”

The weekend’s other class winners included: Two Cocks Fighting Apparel (Superboat Vee Extreme), Team Instigator (Superboat Vee Unlimited), Absolutely Not (Superboat Vee Limited), Twisted Metal Motorsports (P1), Team Kilt (P3), Immaculata Mighty Macs (P4).

The next race on the Super Boat International race series heads to Clearwater Beach, Florida. This year’s 3rd Bright House National Championships is expected to see record crowds. Teams will start arriving Thursday September 29th to Coachman Park, where race teams will set up their equipment and boats. Fans are encouraged to come to the park to see all their favorite teams and join in the weekend’s events. Teams will test on Saturday October 1st and race Sunday the 2nd. The first race is scheduled for 12:00 and the second race begins approximately 2:00 pm.

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